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Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer clay jewelry is creating beads from clay, baking them until they are hard then stringing them into a necklace, bracelet, earring or other type of jewelry.

It’s exactly like working with Play-Doh or modeling clay, there are tons of colors available and you can mix them to make even more. Whether making simple shapes, intricate figures or detailed patterns, polymer clay is up to the task.


Lots of colors – including metallics and translucent colors!

Easy to handle.


Can take some time to develop the skill for highly detailed work.

Requires using the oven to dry.

Getting Started With Polymer Clay

Only a few simple tools and materials are required, so getting started with polymer clay isn’t expensive. Great starter kits like this can be found on Amazon:

Amazon is, of course, the easy answer on where to find more resources and materials, but other online bead jewelry suppliers like Fire Mountain Gems often have just as great prices and are easier to search because they are specialty suppliers for jewelry makers. They also are a great resource for project ideas and free tutorials.

Even though I know clay is so versatile, I’m continually amazed by the stunning patterns and color combinations I see. These are best displayed through simple shapes, while the highly detailed shapes are more typically miniatures of objects, real or imagined. Because unicorns, right?

This book is a great resource to show you how to make polymer clay beads of all kinds:

Like anything else, it takes a little patience to get the hang of it, but beautiful jewelry can be made from the get-go with simple clay beads, as you ramp up to ever more intricate patterns and shapes.

Looking For More?

Check out our Pinterest Board of some stunning polymer clay creations from master artists.

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