Starter Kits for 11 Popular Styles of Jewelry Making

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I love to support those I care about when they are interested in trying something new, especially a new hobby or skill. And super especially when it’s something I love too – like jewelry making!

The most intimidating part of getting into jewelry making is figuring out what you need to get started. Here are some pretty awesome starter sets for 10 styles of jewelry that are perfect for beginners:

1. Adults Deluxe Jewelry Making Beads Mix Pliers Findings Starter Kit Gift Set

You can quickly and easily make inexpensive fashion jewelry that is both chic and unique. This kit contains instructions, tools, and components in a variety of colors perfect for learning basic jewelry making techniques and resulting in cute, wearable jewelry.

2. Magicfly Polymer Clay Starter Kit, 45 Colors Oven Bake Clay with 5 Modeling Tools and 40 Jewelry Accessories, Safe and Nontoxic DIY Baking Clay Blocks

You can make beads and pendants in any shape or color combination with polymer clay, which only requires a baking oven to set. In addition to a wide array of clay colors and useful shaping tools, this kit includes jewelry components for a complete start-to-finish polymer clay jewelry making project.

3. Beadalon Beginning Wire Wrapping Kit

Wire wrapped jewelry can be anything from simple and elegant to extremely intricate, with or without additional components such as gemstones. This basic kit includes instructions and a variety of wire sizes and colors.4. Weave Got Maille Byzantine Chain Maille Bracelet Kit, Classic Silver

Chain maille jewelry is made from small metal rings connected together in different patterns to form chains, pendants, earrings and more. The Byzantine bracelet is a classic favorite of this style. Rising popularity for chain maille jewelry means more colors beyond the classic metals are now available for bright, fun, unique color patterns too. 

5. Bead Loom Necklace Jewelry Beading Starter Crafts Kit

Also referred to as bead weaving or seed bead jewelry, this style of jewelry involves using tiny ‘seed’ beads to create intricate patterns and shapes.

6. STMT DIY Leather Jewelry Kit by Horizon Group USA

Leather jewelry is a favorite for people who prefer natural materials, though it’s true that more and more dyed leather colors are becoming available. Weather strung, braided, cut or stamped, leather is a great medium for jewelry making.

7. ALEX DIY Friends Forever

The ever popular friendship bracelet is made from knotting patterns of brightly colored string or ‘floss’. Though this packaging is geared towards younger girls – and a great place for them to start – knotted bracelets are popular for all ages. No special tools or equipment required, this is about the simplest kind of jewelry to make.

8. RMP Metal Stamping Kit Calligraphic Uppercase

Metal stamped jewelry has become super popular in the past few years, allowing for easy customization or unique messages for inspirational jewelry. This kit has the fundamental tools needed, a nice variety of metal blanks, and a stylish calligraphy alphabet to begin with. If you love it, you will find there are many, many letter fonts, punctuation, and symbol stamp sets available as well as a huge variety of metal blank to further expand the type of jewelry you can make.

9. PMC3™ Precious Metal Clay starter set.

This is the kit I used to get started with precious metal clay (PMC). It’s pretty magical – it’s real silver particles in a clay-like form such that when you fire it, the metal particles fuse together into a metal piece that maintains the shape you made with it as clay. More for the intermediate jewelry maker, if you are familiar with working with clay this is a perfect transition to metal jewelry making.

PMC jewelry starter set

10. Lazee Daizee Viking Knit All-Inclusive Kit with 1/2″ Tool & End Caps by Stephanie Eddy

Viking knit jewelry is based on weaving wire. While this is a great starter kit for beginners, it’s also a fun way for knit and crochet fans to explore using their skills with a metal medium for jewelry projects.


Last but not least, a starter jewelry workbench tool set for traditional precious metal jewelry making (with or without gemstones).

If these kits raised more questions than they answer for the person you have in mind, consider a gift certificate from Fire Mountain Gems, one of the biggest online jewelry making supply stores.

Fire Mountain Gems is specifically a jewelry making supplier for everyone from beginner to professional, they have a huge inventory of jewelry making parts, tools, equipment, organizers, findings – you name it. They have other great starter kits or you can mix and match to build your own.

I hope you find this guide helpful, and I wish you joy on your jewelry making adventure!