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Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is using a die-cast stamp made of a hard, dense metal to impress a design, texture or shape into a more malleable metal object.

It’s not often that you can whack something with a hammer and produce something beautiful and inspiring, but here’s your chance!


Huge variety of letter and number fonts as well as symbols available.

The stamps can also be used on leather.


Messing up one letter, number or symbol can mean the entire piece is ruined.

Getting Started Stamping Metal

Only a few simple tools and materials are required, so getting started learning how to stamp metal jewelry is relatively inexpensive. Great starter kits like this can be found on Amazon:

Amazon is, of course, the easy answer on where to find more resources and materials, but other online bead jewelry suppliers like Fire Mountain Gems often have just as great prices and are easier to search because they are specialty suppliers for jewelry makers. They are also a great resource for project ideas and free tutorials.

I like wearing a metal stamped bracelet with a message that reminds me of my current goal to serve as a constant reminder. It’s super motivating, and very effective because it’s always right in front of me!

The part of metal stamping that takes practice is to be consistent in how hard you do the actual stamping, as increased pressure will make the indentations deeper. Keeping letters lined up is important too, though there are tools and tricks to help with this. As with any skill, with a little time and patience you will have this mastered.

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