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If you’re like me, you love jewelry. Wearing it, designing it, making it, looking at it everywhere – on people, in stores online and off, and maybe even midnight binges of endless scroll of goodies to be found on Pinterest.

Whichever aspect you enjoy the most, like me, you want to get better at it. Better at identifying it, whether by genre, artist or down to the quality of the gemstone and materials. Better at designing it – seeking that magical gestalt that makes it stand out and elicit those ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. Better at making it – bringing that design to life as good or better than the image in your head. Better at sharing it – whether through the way you wear it or sharing that piece of beauty with your customers, we get big warm fuzzies seeing their eyes light up with joy.

Whether beginner or professional, whatever your style from raw natural materials to fashionable wearable tech, it is my hope to create a center of inspiration and resources for you to dive deep into the beautiful, fascinating and magical realm of jewelry and jewelry making.

I love hearing from you and can’t wait to see your amazing creations out in the world.

All the best,